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Help Desk (Non-voice) Services

Not being able to solve a problem leads to frustration and customer complaints. That’s why providing dedicated help desk support is critical for your business’ success. By speeding up the process for answering and resolving problems, we can help turn a casual customer into a die-hard fan.

How our help desk support services increase your profits

  • Save money

    Our help desk services can save you the time, energy and expense involved in hiring, training, and supporting in-house employees to run your help desk. We can quickly set up a system to accept emails and chat to addresses customer concerns. This helps promote customer loyalty and increases customer satisfaction.

  • Provide extended customer support

    Customers often need help during nontraditional business hours. By hiring Camp6 as your non voice account call center, we can support your customers via email or chat, giving you an affordable option for providing 24/7 support.


By outsourcing your help desk support you can:

  • Save on recruitment and training costs
  • Provide around-the-clock customer support
  • Quickly scale up support to meet increased demand


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