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Accounts Payable

Accounts payable can be one of the more time-consuming responsibilities for any business owner.Our accounts payable management team can bolster your vendor relationships and help you to better manage your cash flow.

How our accounts payable outsourcing services simplify your life.

  • Protect your credit rating

    Most businesses receive goods and services from vendors that extend them credit. Our accounts payable outsourcing services keep track of your payment terms, purchasing history, credits, and available discounts. This allows us to ensure that your payments go out on time, every time, avoiding late fees and damaged credit ratings.

  • Maintain a strong cash flow

    When you outsource accounts payable to Camp6, you gain access to reports that allow you to identify important trends that can impact the viability of your business. Our team can identify the vendor categories and months where you spend most of your money, allowing you to better negotiate terms and to anticipate and plan for potential cash flow issues.

  • Streamline your approval and payment process

    It’s easy to lose track of individual vendor bills. Our accounts payable management team simplifies the process of capturing critical vendor data so that you never have to worry about missing information or past due bills. We also adapt our approval process to meet your specific needs.


By setting up an effective accounts payable management process you are able to:

  • Manage critical cash flow trends
  • Identify opportunities to consolidate suppliers and achieve greater cost savings
  • Avoid paying late penalties and jeopardizing your credit rating
  • Take advantage of vendor discounts
  • Realize savings
  • Implement standard operating procedures for handling vendor payments


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