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Cash Flow Statement

Creating cash flow financial statements on a regular basis can help you identify the areas of your business which are profitable as well as which are losing money, helping you to make informed decisions about where to focus your attention.

How Letting Us handle Your Cash Flow FINANCIAL Statements can grow your business

  • Assess your business health at a glance

    Being able to predict future cash flow via a profit & loss statement can make it easier for you to determine how much cash you will have available for business operations. It also simplifies the budgeting process. Our P&L statement preparation services are designed to help you and your investors to better understand your company’s financial health.

  • Spot trends

    Cash flow statements can help you spot trends in business performance that may not be readily apparent in other financial statements. It is especially useful when you are trying to decide where to focus your efforts.

  • Make predictions about the future

    With so many decisions to make about the products or services you should offer, having access to concrete data is critical. We create cash flow statements you can use to compare your most recent year with past trends, providing you with the means to make informed forecasts. Our P&L statements can also help you to locate potential problem areas in your sales and expenses so that you can correct them.


Outsourcing the preparation of your P&L statements to Camp6 allows you to:

  • Spot important trends in your business performance that may not be immediately apparent in your other financial statements
  • Better inform your investors or financial backers about the health of your company
  • Predict future cash flow when creating your budgets


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