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Virtual Post Mail Management

Handling physical correspondence isn’t easy when you travel a great deal. We provide a virtual post mailbox where we scan and process all your documents according to your precise instructions.

How outsourcing your mailing simplifies the way you work

  • Easily access the mail you need

    We scan and digitize your mail, making it simple for you to access your correspondence via your smartphone or computer.

  • Eliminate the hassle of updating your new address

    If you move around a lot, then you know how painful it is to have to constantly provide clients, partners and contacts with a new address. Our virtual post mail management services makes it possible for you to use the same physical address for all your mail receipt needs no matter how many cities (or countries) you work from.


Using virtual post mail gives you the ability to:

  • Move as many times as you want without ever having to change your address
  • Check your mail and deposit checks while on the road
  • Get notified whenever new mail arrives
  • Archive your incoming correspondence for easy access later


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