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Back Office

Sustainable solutions for your business.

The Dedicated Back office team at Camp6 allows you to outsource the day to day operational activities so that you can focus on the core aspects of your business.


By hiring us as your back office service provider, you are able to:

  • Focus on core business activity.
  • Safeguard your digital assets.
  • Reduce your repetitive tasks.
  • Reduce costs.


Anti-Piracy / Content Protection

You have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for creating digital media content. You monetize the same through television, YouTube and other such channels. You don't want someone ripping off a copy of the same and putting it up for illegal viewing. You need to protect the same. We have a team of anti-piracy consultants who track online infringement of copyrights and intellectual rights with respect to video piracy and deliver results.
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Data Entry

We have a team of data entry experts. Our data entry services includes a range of services from collection of data as per client needs (and therefore building a data base for the client) to converting / updating data from one software to another. For some clients, we need to access multiple systems, extract data from such systems, and prepare a single report with the same. Almost any type of data entry services can be taken up.
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Help-desk (non-voice)

As a business, you would like to offer your customers as many channels to contact you – with feedback, with complaints, with suggestions. At Camp6, we offer help-desk (non-voice) services. We can engage with your customers through email and/or chat. And with substantial savings to you.
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Virtual Assistant

At some point of time, nearly each of us has wished that we had someone who would take over a lot of repetitive tasks that we undertake ourselves. A good 'virtual assistant' can free up a lot of our time. They can schedule meetings, pay bills, do online research, work on presentations, carry out travel research, manage your email box, and even send cards & thank you notes on your behalf.
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Virtual Post Mail Management

At Camp6, we also offer virtual post mail management services, wherein we log into your virtual post mail box and process the documents as per your instructions. Very effective. And very efficient.
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  • I have nothing but great things to say about the team at Camp6. When our business was growing and we could no longer support our bookkeeping efforts while also focusing on growth initiatives I knew I could rely on the team at Camp6 to provide services that were professional, detailed, and timely. Their flexibility to our current processes and willingness to recommend improvements makes this team above the rest. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Camp6 to any entrepreneur who is looking for a partner who can scale and grow as the company evolves - we plan to be with Camp6 for quite some time!

    Jas L, Co-Founder, an organic supply chain company (MD)
  • We’re thrilled with Camp6 and their extraordinary work.

    Jesse Stein, Founder & CEO,
  • One of the biggest challenges I have as I grow my business is load balancing – being able to scale up and pare down across many different business functions as my business needs dictate. Camp6 has been invaluable to me because of its ability to be flexible to meet my ever changing needs. Camp6 is my on-demand, pre-trained accounting firm, design agency, and/or temp agency on any given day. They allow me to focus my energies on the most strategic aspects of my business, and I am grateful to be working with them.

    Lyn Y, Founder, a CPG broker service (CA)
  • Camp6 is fully integrated into our business. We rely on them not because they are less expensive, but because they are better than we could do on our own. All our reporting and bookkeeping is run by their team and it is fully integrated into our customer service, sales, and operations systems.

    Dan H, CEO, a fresh produce company (CA)
  • Camp6 has handled our accounting and reporting since 2007. They have proven to be thorough, reliable and professional in all respects. Camp6 keeps our quality high and our costs low, allowing us to focus on our core business. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to a business who is looking to replace or expand their staff, or to an accounting firm who needs additional resources.

    Mic F, Owner, club & spa (CO)
  • Working with Camp6 has been a huge relief. We have saved many hours of work every day by letting Camp6 take care of our corresponding with customers. Thanks to the consistent way of work they deliver, they can simply do the job better any time throughout the day. Much satisfied, we will continue to work with Camp6!

    Jul K, Founder, a vacation rental company (NL)
  • Camp6 handles all my bookkeeping needs, which gives me more time to concentrate on building and running my business. Highly recommended.

    Jon W, CEO, a mobile app company (NY)
  • As a tech start-up we needed bookkeeping services that were both reliable and affordable. Camp 6 has been a tremendous resource for us, as we have been able to entirely offload what can be an extremely time consuming process. The entire staff is professional and responsive, and Camp6 is always a pleasure to work with.

    Qui F, VP, a publisher trading desk (FL)
  • Working with Camp6 has been a huge asset to our company. It allows us to focus on the core of our business and know that we have a trusted partner who is helping us with tasks that are critical, but non-core. They are always responsive, highly engaged, and incredibly competent and so we have steadily been sending them more and more of our work.

    Eli P, CEO, a mobile advertising analytics service (CA)
  • I wanted to send along feedback on my experiences with Camp6, which have been nothing other than positive. You guys have made everything really simple and painless for us so thank you.

    Ang K, COO & Co-founder, a mobile app company (NY)
  • Camp6 is responsible, fast, and easy to work with. When you're building a business, there are so many demands on your time, not having to worry about keeping your books is a huge plus. I'd highly recommend outsourcing bookkeeping, and I'd definitely go with Camp6.

    Dan F, Co-Founder, an online mentor network (NY)
  • Camp6 is fully integrated into our business. We rely on them not because they are less expensive, but because they are better than we could do on our own. All our reporting and bookkeeping is run by their team and it is fully integrated into our customer service, sales, and operations systems.

    Dan H, CEO, a fresh produce company (CA)


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