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Cash Application

Speeding up the process of correctly applying customer payments to your invoices can cut down the time your staff spends on administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on more critical projects.

How cash application automation can help to boost your productivity

  • Streamline your payment recording processing

    Our cash application services can quickly match payments made by your customers to the correct invoices. We then reconcile their accounts so that both you and your customers have access to up-to-date information. This is made possible thanks to our cash application automation process, which allows us to easily handle a range of payments types including paper checks, remote payments, and electronic data, significantly reducing the number of checks that need to be manually matched.

  • Reduce errors

    Manually processing customer payments often leads to misapplied payments and backlogs. This in turn increases the amount of time you spend tracking down late, partial, or missing payments.


Using our cash application automation services allows you to:

  • Expedite the manual processing and settlement of payments
  • Speed up the lag time between payment receipt and cash application
  • Step away from the need to handle handle disputes and cash adjustments


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